The Legend of the Olive

According to the ancient Greek history, Poseidon, god of the sea and Athena, goddess of peace and wisdom, disputed over whose name would be given to the newly built city, in the land of Attica. To end this dispute, it was decided that the city would be named after the one who offered the most precious gift to the citizens.

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California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Olive Oil

  • Freshest olive oil available - crushed within 90 minutes of harvest.
  • Stored in stainless steel tanks under a blanket of nitrogen to protect the olive oil from the deteriorating effects of oxygen.
  • 100% extra virgin olive oil certified by the California Olive Oil Council.
  • Significantly lower in oleic acidity than the mandated 0.5% C.O.O.C. standard and the 1% European standard.

Brothers of Mercy

The Brothers of Mercy were founded more than a century ago in Hadamar, Germany by Brother Ignatius (Peter) Loetschert.

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"Thank you for the quality products the Brothers of Mercy produce.  I recently came across your extra virgin olive oil muffuletta and I must say it goes great on just about everything.  My in-laws visited your store over the summer and brought back this delicious treat.  My wife tells me I put it on everything and I think she's right.  This is my first purchase through your website and it won't be the last.  Thanks again for offering this great spread."   -S. Blackburn